My Journey

My story begins when I started to recognize patterns appearing in my life. It seemed as though it didn’t matter where I was or what I was doing, the outcome was practically the same. Whether it was different places, different people, different situations, it was always still the same outcome, the only other constant in all of it was me. The outcome was rarely good. It was most often “worst case scenario” come to life. I lived in a dark and hopeless place surrounded by dark and hopeless people . This was my “FOG”. By the end of this chapter, there was no way to correct the wrong that was my life. There was no protection; no justice. I had managed to manifest hell …on earth. Once I realized this, I was faced with decisions to make that would forever change my life. I decided to embark on a healing journey.   My destination?   Inward.

I was blessed with a wonderful teacher , who could not have been  more perfect for me. I started practicing Reiki and watched my life transform before my eyes. Within 6 months I couldn’t recognize my old life and the shell of my old self. I had been revived. I feel divinely guided to Reiki and it would be a shame not to share what I’ve learned with all who would value it as it should be. Now I have the opportunity to help others find their power, Beyond The Fog.

Beyond the Fog established January 7, 2017
Grandmaster Certification July 23, 2016
First course taught November 19, 2016
First healing session September 13, 2016

What I believe: The beginning of the rest of our lives.
I believe that Reiki is everywhere, in everything and belongs to everyone. I believe that every single thing has its design and purpose, on purpose. I believe that magic is very real and that we could all do it perfectly, it just needs to be turned on. I believe in karma and repentance. I believe that forgiveness and gratitude are the most important tools that we could have. I believe that anyone can change any life from hell into heaven; they just need to know that it is possible and how. I believe that we are infinitely loved and cherished by our universe “Heavenly Father” and our planet “Mother Earth”.  Everything we need or want is right there for us to have, if only we allow ourselves to have it.  No matter how “crazy” it may seem. I believe in a seer of hearts, and that a rotten heart will rot everything around it every time (bad apple). I also believe that you can heal any heart condition if you only repent for the damage that you have caused and vow to change course. (How could  you not if you truly repent?) Simplicity is key to happiness. I believe that animals are teachers and guardians, guides and companions, and saviors.

If you pump your energy into being happy and heal rather than into maintaining more misery and illness,  you can change any undesirable circumstance into a desirable one. You get to choose where you spend your energy .

You are enough, you are worthy, you are loved, you can heal!
Thought is energy! Where are your thoughts spending your energy? Creating heaven or creating hell?