Ashley Huxley
Reiki Grand Master

Charlie Lake BC Canada
Phone : 1-250-261-2527 Call or Text

Email: ashley.beyondthefog@gmail.com

Beyond The Fog. The Story behind the name…
I chose the name Beyond the Fog because it was the most simple way to explain my intention. The “fog” refers to illusions, tricks, manipulations, a belief of being powerless, worthless and not good enough. Anything or anyone that makes you feel less than anyone or anything else.

My intention is to work with the ascended masters and spirit guides to bring people beyond their limits of the illusions that they suffer. To free and empower people , to take charge and heal their lives; and subsequently the lives of those around them. Let’s start some new ripples, Lord knows we could all use some of those.

About Reiki
Reiki is an ancient  “laying on of hands” healing art of incomparable ease and power. Reiki channels the life force or activation energy behind all things in existence, and directs it to areas of your being that are in need.

Reiki is not a religious practice as its concepts are far older than any religious philosophy. Reiki is universal love; boundless and unconditional.

About Chakras
[Energy Centers]

There are seven major chakras that are located up the body, from the root chakra at the base of the spine to the crown chakra at the crown of the head. These are energy hot spots or vortexes.

Violet – Crown – Center of spiritual connection to the divine
Indigo – Brow – Center of vision
Blue- Throat – Center of communication
Green- Heart – Center of love , where your emotions are stored
Yellow- Solar Plexus – Center of intuition
Orange – Sacral – Center of pleasure
Red- Root Chakra – Center of your primal instincts – security & sense of home

 What happens in a Reiki session

Reiki is used to promote a calm relaxation. You lay on a massage table while soft soul inspiring music plays. The reiki master channels reiki energy and directs it into a series of energy hot spots on your body. It is a very simple non invasive “laying on of hands” experience. The hand placement is like that of a butterfly touch. No tissue manipulation takes place, in some cases a session can be done with no contact and even while sitting in a chair. The goal is to be comfortable and the physical position isn’t the same for everyone. A session can run anywhere from 10 minutes to 3 hours. After reiki is administered a brief discussion about the session takes place, usually there will be a message for you. Then we will pull angel cards to receive any further inspiration or direction. No harm can come from reiki and it can not be used to harm. This is an opportunity to step away from it all, to rest and rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit. Come take a walk with your spirit guides.